Trappeur Homes moving into the suburbs

1274998_395518727265886_12787802522247174_oTrappeur Homes is the Western Canadian distributor for Bondu Log Homes.
We named our company Trappeur Homes as it relates to the French/Quebec located Bondu Log Homes company and it relates to a practical building style, and it represents a high quality flair with the “king” of the wood joints, the dovetail joint .
Bondu Log Homes was established in the 70’s with the building of cabins, and has evolved into the building of multi million dollar homes and multi-plex townhomes.
It appears that most Bondu/Trappeur homes are built on acreages or in the backcountry. Even at my last meeting with a Real Estate agent in Fort St. John, she commented that our Trappeur Homes would be well suited for homes on acreages.
Why have people thought in the past that a Trappeur/Bondu home cannot be built in a suburb with other types of wood buildings?
A Bondu or Trappeur log wall system is a 5 x 10 inch white pine prefabricated square dovetail log wall which looks more like a wood building than a “typical” log home.
One reason why no one thought about it is that most people think a Trappeur/Bondu Log Home is too expensive. This is not true, as our log wall system is prefabricated and virtually the same price as a conventionally built home.

The second reason is that we only have model homes and cabins for acrages. This however will change, with the latest Bondu design, “The Findlay”.
TheFindlay“The Findlay” is designed for a spec home we will build this year at Deadman’s Flats near Canmore Alberta. Have a look at their development plan at We will be building on lot #5. This develoment has a great country setting, however the lot sized are more what you would see in cities (urban areas).
With “The Findlay” our intent is to show that a Bondu/Trappeur home with it’s king of the wood joints, the dovetail joint corners can also be build and will fit in a suburb area.

Please feel free to contact us if you have futher questions about Trappeur/Bondu Log Homes for building in suburbs, or if you are interested in purchasing our spec home. This is a great location, which is only 7 minutes to downtown Canmore and 45 min west of Calgary.