Comparing costs

How much does it cost ? Is a common question after people see a Bondu/TrappeurHomes Dovetail log home. Some people will compare us with the “Timber Kings” Log Home TV show, and put Trappeur Homes into the same price bracket, which is not comparable, as the they are completely different. A traditional log home involves […]

Mold problems in newer buildings, why and what can be done against it?

Finding mold within a wall or roof assembly when renovating a newer building is common today. First we thought this happens only in older buildings if the vapor barrier was not installed correctly. The question is, why do we often find mold in newer buildings? We did some research and started to look at older […]

Is “R-value” all you need to look at in order to get a high energy efficient house?

The biggest trend in construction right now is designing and building highly efficient homes or even a “Passive House” to reduce our ecological footprint. Most people understand a highly efficient home to simply have the highest R-value materials for insulation. This is not really true. As an example, a “Passive House” (considered the gold standard […]

What does “Green” mean to you?

We have return home from the 2013 Green Building Conference which was held in Kimberley, BC. This was a 2 day conference/expo with some very interesting workshops and exhibitors. We started setting up our display earlier then anyone else due the simple fact of the size of our display wall. We feel it is definitely […]