Comparing costs

magogHow much does it cost ?
Is a common question after people see a Bondu/TrappeurHomes Dovetail log home.

Some people will compare us with the “Timber Kings” Log Home TV show, and put Trappeur Homes into the same price bracket, which is not comparable, as the they are completely different.

A traditional log home involves a lot of work by hand and will first be assembled at the plant, then taken down, shipped to the construction site and reassembled. This is a very time consuming effort and the costs add up very quickly.

A Bondu/Trappeur Log Home is a “prefabricated’ log home. The logs are milled and the dovetails are cut by a machine, loaded directly into a CN container and shipped to the construction site. This is a greater economic process than building a traditional hand-crafted log home.

dollar-signComparing costs.

How does a Bondu/Trappeur Homes dovetail log home package compare to a stick-framed house package?

When you compare the house package cost of a “stick-framed” house package with a Bondu/Trappeur Homes dovetail log home package,  our package will cost more, due to the cost of the logs. However, the comparison of costs once the walls are installed and the house is built, there is virtually no difference.

A typical Bondu/Trappeur Home can be built very quickly. The log walls will be erected within 1-2 days, which gives a finished outside product right away, and for outside appearance, it is only the stain left to apply. This is a very efficient building method, and is the reason our prices are so competitive in comparison to conventional stick framed buildings, where stucco or siding sub-traders are required.

At the end of the day,
you get more for every dollar you spend
with a Bondu/Trappeur dovetail log home.

The main benefits are:

  • Unique design and eye-catching look
  • “True” R-26 with 2″x4″ interior wall and “true” R-34 with 2″x6″ interior wall.
  • Extremely high energy efficiency with a high “Temperature Phase shift” of 15.2 hours.
    • This means, on a hot and sunny day when the sun heats up the outside wall it will take 15.2 hours for the heat to travel through the wall and heat up the interior surface, which results in your house staying cooler for longer. An average stick framed house has a Temperature Phase shift of 5.5 – 7.5 hours (depending on the outside finish), which results in many homes having air conditioning installed. A Bondu/Trappeur home stays cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter due the bigger thermal mass of the log.
  • No settling maintenance as the log wall virtually does not shrink
  • Healthy living with “Breathable” or “Open Wall” concept and natural materials.
  • No maintenance on exterior finishes if you use Lifetime Preservative (Valhalla Wood Stain – click here for more details).
  • Run electrical and mechanical in the 2″x4″ or 2″x6″ liner wall used for insulation.
  • Choose any interior finish from log finish to drywall or paneling.