Premium Wood Fibre Board Panel – a addition which makes sense

Bondu Log Homes have been on the market since 1973 and have proven their high efficiency wall system over the years.

We at took it a step further and added a 1.5 inch thick Wood Fibre Board Panel between the log wall and the interior 2″x4″ insulated wall.


Here are the benefits of the Wood Fibre Board:

  • Avoids thermal bridging between the outer log wall and the inner framed wall by acting as a complete thermal break between the two
  • Open to vapour diffusion (will not trap moisture)
  • Works as a windproof layer (replacing the building wrap).
    To create a continuous seal, the boards come with T&G edges.
  • Offers a great thermal insulation value and excellent heat storage capacity helping to protect the building from overheating during hot summer days.
  • Water resistant yet can absorb 10% of its own weight in water vapour.
  • 100% recycled and recyclable materials (wood fibre, starch and wax).


Wood Fibre Board is not for the exterior wall but is also ideal for :

  • Interior walls – sound proofing
  • Roof sheeting – thermal break and extra insulation
  • Floor underlay – extra insulation and sound proofing
  • Renovations – added insulation, windstop and sound proofing.


Overall, this Premium Wood Fibre Board is:
  • Economical
    A higher efficiency than standard plywood walls means lower heat loss. Ultimately, this means more money in your wallet year after year.
  • Efficient
    Wood fiberboard panels have a high heat storage capability and excellent thermal insulation properties.
  • Sustainable
    All our products are made with 100% recycled and recyclable products that are natural and non-toxic.
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