How is a Bondu Log Home put together


how to DovetailThis is a very fun and exciting part of the overall construction. The precision milling helps the walls go together very quickly and accurately with most projects requiring less than a day to assemble all of the log walls.

The Bondu Logs get assembled like a Lego house with each log stacked on the previous log only resting on the dovetail at the corners and on keyway blocks along their length. The design of the dovetails creates a 1 1/2″ space between each row of logs. This space is filled with batt insulation which is then covered by a trim board (slat).

dovetail designs This space really works in our favour in several ways. It creates a look which accentuates the dovetail and allows the opportunity to use different stains or colours on the logs, the slats and the ends of the dovetails. This makes a wide variety of style options available to our customers. Another important benefit of this space is to act as a buffer for any movement that occurs in the logs over time. If a log twists a little bit, the batt insulation simply expands or compresses slightly to compensate instead of a new gap opening up as is common with logs that are stacked tight together. The third benefit is an increase in vapour permeability which makes it even easier for vapour trapped within the wall to escape to the outside. Finally, the space means 15% less wood is needed for the log wall which reduces the cost.

dovetail splineThe dovetail joint is very strong and as each row is added the logs beneath are locked in place by the geometry of the joint. At all door and window openings, a dovetail keyway is machined into the ends of the logs and a dovetailed spline is driven vertically into the keyway locking all of the logs together. This makes for a bullet proof wall assembly. Our display wall is so solid that you can stand on top without it moving even a millimetre. All of this is achieved with no nails or glue.



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