tackles mold within the building envelope.

Preventing mold problems and Creating a highly efficient, “Green” and cost effective building envelope
for Architects, designers, contractors, inspectors and homeowners

Mold is becoming a well known problem many renovation carpenters see everyday. Even newer buildings are susceptible to this increasingly major issue. Industry standard is to install a vapor barrier on the inside to block moisture from penetrating the assembly and apply OSB or plywood (for strength) and house wrap (to block the elements) on the outside. We trust these methods and products to work but judging by the magnitude and widespread nature of the mold problems, they are obviously not working well enough. has found several simple innovative solutions and new products that greatly improve on the ‘industry standard’ for controlling moisture in your building assemblies. We are excited to share this knowledge with everyone who is interested in healthy houses.

maxaaronTo learn more about how and why mold forms within building assemblies join Max & Aaron
at Invermere’s College of the Rockies

March 12 @ 7:00PM
for a FREE workshop

We are also planning to run FREE Workshops in March at
Golden, Fernie, Kimberly and Creston. 
(We will update the dates as soon we got confirmation)