Bear Hill Lodge – Jasper, AB – added a new cabin with an historical building style

The Bear Hill Lodge finished their new addition this summer, a Trappeur Homes prefabricated dovetail cabin.
There is a historic connection to the Trappeur Homes profile dovetail log to the first homestead in Jasper of John Moberly was built in the late 1860’s.

Why should something what already worked so well over 150 years ago not work today?

Trappeur Homes has evolved into one of the only dovetail wall system which virtually has no shrinking problems like other log homes and has better insulation values then today’s building code requirements.

How is this possible would?

The Trappeur Homes/Bondu Log homes dovetail wall system does not shrink and therefore we can add an extra insulation layer inside the building.
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TrappeurHomes log wall insulation

Below are a couple pictures of the new addition at the Bear Hill Lodge.
The design (exterior and interior) was done by Johanne Roy – Ambiance Design Studio Ltd.
Johanne was also overseeing the construction of this cabin, very well done and something to be proud of!
Best is to come to Jasper and visit and see it for your self!